Press Release:

Wow! It’s my lucky day! Best selling author and entrepreneur, Pamela Omatto Loucks is going to be in town signing books and I have an opportunity to interview her!

She donates over millions of dollars to different charities and always seeking to give back! I always wonder how do certain people have all the luck? I know for a fact she came from the Beauty Industry and loves to be of service to others! How did she accomplish all she did later in life when most are looking to retire? Well, I guess I’ll find out, wonder what should I wear to the interview?

As I drove up to the estate of Mrs. Megan Willard one of the kindness, wealthiest and most generous women in town, I could only image what I was to learn from this press release? There was something inside me saying this interview was to be much more than I had anticipated. There was a feeling of hope that I myself would come away with something I have been searching for, for a long time!

As I rang the door bell Mrs. Willard’s delightful housekeeper, Martha, met me at the door. Good Morning! Hi, I’m John Smith, I have an appointment scheduled to do a press release with Pamela Omatto Loucks.

Yes, she mentioned you would be arriving she is having tea with Mrs. Willard in the garden.  Please follow me to the library, and I’ll let her know you are here. When Pamela entered the library there was something about her, what is it? I guess I’ll find out!

Hi John! It’s a pleasure to meet you in person! So, how can I help you and what would you like to know?

“I’m curious about your story of how you became so successful at this time in your life?”

Well, John we all have a story! I am grateful and humbled to be able to share mine with you, in hopes others will benefit as well.

John, I do believe we all have a Divine Purpose! I am a strong believer! Many people have told me they don’t know what their purpose is; they are still searching for it and it is the reason they are here in the first place! It is their GIFT! Miracles happen John when we connect with our gift, we all have within us!

Now John, the secret is no one can tell you what the gift is because that is your GIFT!

“So, how do you find out what your GIFT is!?” John was puzzled.

John, have you heard the saying, ” The teacher appears when the student is ready?” well, that is what happened with me! I realized the gift was within me all the time but it took me saying, “YES” to the process! It was then that the next piece of the puzzle took it’s place! It was called ” The Master Key Experience!”

It’s a journey John not a destination! It’s about believing, giving and receiving! It’s about BEING not only doing! Caring, sharing and paying it forward! Now, let’s look a bit closer shall we?

My journey John began as I connected with like minded individuals! We started to MASTERMIND! I looked within to see what I valued, what was my gift that I could share with others! I spent time sitting still to discover what I am passionate about and understanding it is a process! I discovered Spirtual Growth, True Health and a desire to networking which inspired me to look deeper inside myself!  I was brought to a scripture, “Find your delight in the Lord who will give you your hearts desire. Psalm 37:4. I have faith and believe that we all hold and possess the power within us to fulfill all the desires of our hearts! I live my life John with a positive attitude, belief and choices that give me a lifestyle of love, peace and joy and abundance!

John’s eyes widened…

Our minds are amazing, John! Our attitudes are based on our beliefs and our beliefs drive our choices! I have a burning desire to help others discover their GIFT and be who they are created to be! What do we do with a GIFT but to give it away! As it goes it grows! It’s giving and receiving! Sharing and paying it forward! It is networking with others!

So, what you’re saying is we all have a unique purpose, a gift? John asked

Yes, I am John!

I just have to say Pamela, most people look forward to when they can retire!

I understand John however, I always felt when you do what you love it isn’t a job, it’s a GIFT!

Each person is unique! There is only one, John Smith and he has a Divine Purpose that is his and his alone! It is your GIFT! I would invite you to go for a scholarship to, The  Master Key Experience! It changes peoples lives! More of my story is in my book!

I believe John success is in the eyes of the beholder. I am grateful and blessed to be a blessing! The truth is, it is only when we truly BELIEVE that miracles happen!

I never quite thought about it like that before. John respond delighted. If only others could look at their life with that perspective.

I understand John. Actually, we all have within us a treasure, a gift, an opportunity. It’s just being aware of it and making a choice!

John’s eyes lit up!

What are you thinking, John?

So, I hear so many stories and I’m feeling now there is truly hope for anyone who is willing and looking for their purpose or gift! This is exciting! Thank you Pamela!

You’re welcome John! Remember John there are no coincidence! John you were brought here today for a purpose, perhaps to give others hope!

Pamela it was a pleasure to meet you!  I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to truly discover the GIFT in you!

Just imagine John what it will be like when we all work together with our gifts!

Bless you John! And believe we all have a GIFT and always have an opportunity to be a blessing to others! Pay it forward John and enjoy the rest of your day!