About Pamela L:

I am a believer, who is faithful and believes we all have a Divine Purpose, I realized my gift was within me all the time but it took me saying, “YES” to a process that made a huge difference in my life! The process being, “The Master Key Experience!” which I believe is changes peoples lives!

I am a Beauty professional with a PHD…(Professional Hair Designer) who listens to all who sits in my chair as well as an educator in the Industry! It’s been a privilege and a gift being an intimate part of peoples lives! After many years of service in the Beauty Industry, I decided to look at Life Coaching. I pursued five models of coaching. My first model was Dream Coaching which is living the life of your dreams, making a living and getting paid for it, not what you dream at night! Integrative Coaching, Health Coaching, Biblical/Breakthrough Coaching and Marriage Coaching. It has been a journey with many life lessons! Along with coaching and still working behind the chair, I am pursuing a networking business creating teams who work together being of service to others and pay it forward! As I mentioned earlier, I do believe we are all created for a Divine purpose and a piece of mine is to assist others finding theirs! I am a student of life who is married to a wonderful man, Richard Loucks!