Week 2: “The Master Key Experience”

The power of THOUGHTS!  Something so simple as our thoughts, give us energy? Yes, they do!

Now, the realization of what those thoughts consist of are another thought in itself! During this week, as I looked at the differences of the Conscious and Subconscious, I am amazed!

I remember having the thought, I wanting to play the piano and decided to take lessons. First, learning the notes and which keys to play. Then, came a song and much practice over and over again the same song.  One day,  I sat at the piano and by some miracle my hands started moving and my fingers started to play and as the notes created this sound, it was music! I was actually playing a song!

I believe my Conscious mind decided to play the piano but it was the habit of practicing that my Subconscious mind took over and played that song! I remember how shocked I was to think my hands were moving without me even thinking about it!!!

Habits play a valuable part in our everyday life! Did you ever get in your car and drive to work and started thinking about something else and when you arrived at work and wondered how you got there? Habits run our lives!

I have learned many lessons this week being committed to this process, ” The Master Key Experience!”


“Master Key Experience” Week 1

This is a “NEW Beginning” with The Master Key Experience in 2019!

The power of the mind is amazing! I am inspired and encourage as thoughts come to my mind as I’m living each moment of each day!

Just to be able to SIT and “BE” is a process in which is a HUGE Blessing!

My life presently is unfolding with grace and ease and not the rollercoaster it once has been. I’m finding PEACE in each day which is becoming a HABIT I am embracing!

The POWER of HABITS are HAHA moments! I realize as humans we are habitual but having a choice to create good habits in place of bad habits is life changing! I do believe habits run our lives!

This is just the beginning!!!


Week 23/24 “The Master Key Experience” “EFFORTLESSNESS”

It takes LESS effort to SUCCEED than to fail. This thought comes from a NEW BLUEPRINT!

The power of self directed thinking! Believing all the answers I have are within me! It is “The Hero’s Journey” that was my choice when I decided to embark on this journey!

It is a “Mental Diet” which becomes is a part of every day life! Our thoughts run our life and being aware of what those thoughts are make the biggest difference.

SILENCE has become a best friend! Miracles exist…we just need to BELIEVE!

Thinking for yourself is a key! Finding your GIFT…your PURPOSE and then giving it away!  Think for yourself!  A BEE knows its purpose…when we know our purpose…then embrace it and give it away! Your natures greatest miracle! The world needs your gifts!

Our gifts are within…BE your AUTHENTIC SELF


Week 22-22a “The Master Key Experience” The Comfort Zone/Silence

“When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”

When I read that…BAM PAM!!! I asked myself…what ZONE, perspective or choice do I holding on to? Or better yet how do I cultivate the harvest? I find myself envisioning, “What would the person I intended to become do next?”

Also, what I resist persists! So, by embracing the emotions of FEAR, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings and Unworthiness and using them as tools! A whole new world becomes available!

Through this process “Silence” is a gift I have embraced. It has become a habit which fills me with GRATITUDE!

This process is and has been life changing! I am so excited as each day unfolds!

Awareness is the beginning of “Transformation!”



Week 21 “The Master Key Experience” Defining Miracles

This week as we look at: Albert’s Multiple choice…”There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I prefer to believe in the awesome gift of “Miracles” which are all around us daily! We as humans are only one of natures greatest miracle!

I still remember times in my life experiencing miracle moments…my grandmother whom I was very close to, had just passed on and I ask her if she could just let me know she was all right.  I arrived home and was laying across my bed shedding a few tears and looked up at a digital clock on my night stand and there it was flashing 12:15!!! Which was my Grandmothers BIRTHDAY! MIRACLE!!!

Another, I was wearing my Grandmas ring on my finger with mine. My Grandmothers ring was a bit bigger so I wore hers first then mine feeling it would not fall off. Evidently I had put hers on last and as I went about my day it had fallen off! I remember being at home in our bathroom and noticing it was missing! I immediately spoke these words to my Grandmother, “Grandma do you really want it back? I would like to have it, it reminds me of you!” Then feeling deeply within me I was going to get it back!  Well, it was a couple of weeks later and a client of mine was sitting in my chair at the salon. Casually saying, she had been looking in the newspaper to see if anyone had lost a wedding band!!! (She worked for the local newspaper at the time) I ask her what was she talking about? Then proceeded to say, when she had left the salon a couple of weeks before, she approach her car and noticed this band which looked like a pop top next to her car. I asked her if it was thin with gold and silver on it and she said, “YES”… then I grabbed her shoulder and said, Oh Rita, that’s my Grandma’s wedding band!!!  Where is it? She said, on my dresser at home! MIRACLE!!!

Now, what is your perception?  We all have beliefs and we all have choices! What matters is in the eyes of the beholder! A seed is planted “the thought” it is watered  with “feelings”and it sprouts as “the belief”…Do you believe in “MIRACLES?”

When there is a Burning DESIRE to make a difference Miracles happen! When we BELIEVE Miracles happen!

Week 19-20 “The Master Key Experience” “The Hedgehog or The Fox?”

THINKING…THOUGHTS! “What would the person I intend to become do next?” “What am I pretending not to know?” The simple words of Good and Evil.

I’m finding a need or desire to relax … to sit… to simply go within and come from my heart and get out of my head! Appropriate on Valentine’s day!!! As I am coming from a place of LOVE and asking myself these questions…my life takes on Peace and Joy!!!

This process has not been easy! The struggle has been real, however there is a power surrounding LOVE! I’m discovering the TRUTH and the FREEDOM experiencing MMKE! I am grateful for the FOCUS of the HEDGEHOG…instead of the MULTITASKING of the FOX!

What’s “The Plan?” What is it going to take to breakthrough the old BLUEPRINT? That is the “WHY” I am here! It’s all about CHOICES! LET’S Mastermind…do it now! “What would the person I intend to become do next?” “What am I pretending not to know?” We live the life we CHOOSE! The BOTTOM LINE STATEMENT: What do I want or what’s comfortable?

This process is giving me the opportunity to stretch! To be Authentic…the thought that we see in others what we also have within ourselves, I believe is true. I also believe we can use words as tools and words create thoughts as I remember a saying …what we resist, persists!

Am I going to hold on to what’s comfortable or embrace discomfort and grow? I’m on a journey and planting seeds to grow! I am willing to weather and water those seeds… to be the best verse on myself! I am grateful to be able to choose from my heart!